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I deleted a bunch of people from my friends list this morning, mostly people who I know never read this journal, or people I know IRL but haven't seen in forever. If I deleted you and you want back in, comment here (I strongly suspect there won't be any commenting, which is why I chose those folks).

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score! I'm still here!


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Well hey, it makes those of us still on your flist happy to know we're still here... I'm happy I'm still here. I know I don't always comment but I do like hearing about you.

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Considering I both commented yesterday and I'm going to the wedding, I figured I made the cut. ;)

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YAY!!! I'm still on the list!!! WOOT!

heehee I read very few of my friend's list friends. I read yours though.

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I totally checked to make sure I could still read and comment on your journal...

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I would read your journal, if I were friended. Or I can keep relying on Liz to relay interesting/appropriate news.

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WHOOHOOO I made the cut ;)

Miss you guys much! Hope to see you soon, we need to do another Brassy Luncheon :D

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Oh yay! I was worried for a minute, because I haven't been on LJ as often as I used to be.

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I found your journal through the weddingplans community. I love Stitch too! Did you create the mood icons yourself, or did you just find pictures and set them to the right moods?

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if you want to delete me, that's ok...but i will miss seeing your entries. :)

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Aha! Nice to see another Stitch fan, want to be friends? :D

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I just asked to steal your icon but now I'm going to ask to add you to my friends and be added to your friends. you seem so fun and the stitch obsession is a good one. I love him too!